Audience Award for JDIFF 2014 announced


Audience Award for JDIFF 2014 announced
A real charmer steals the prize

Every year at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival the audience gets the chance to vote for the film that they enjoyed the most as an alternative to the awards conferred by the Dublin Film Critics Circle.

And this year the deserved winner was Los Wild Ones. It's a documentary about Reb Kennedy - an Irish born music promotor living in the US and trying to keep Rockabillie alive, mainly through Mexican acts and a lot of fierce determination.

The doc is immensely crowd pleasing, helping it to earn the votes necessary to walk away with the Audience Award. "“It’s wonderful to see this really inspiring, lively and informative documentary win the Audience Award this year, not only because of the fact that Reb is Irish and the film is an Irish co-production, but because the screening of the film truly was one of the highlights of the festival" says festival director Grainne Humpreys.

There's no word on a local release for Los Wild Ones yet but its an inspiring and emotional true story and hopefully this win will help to confirm that Irish audiences really want to get a chance to see it get a full release.

Check out the trailer for a taste.

Audience Award for JDIFF 2014 announced on
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