Avatar 2 delayed again - will it ever come out?


Avatar 2 delayed again - will it ever come out?

Back at the tail end of 2009, I got the chance to sit in a huge cinema with some silly glasses on my face in order to witness the rebirth of 3D movies and one of the biggest action spectacles ever filmed/rendered.

Avatar was a watershed moment for 3D, and arguably one which has never been equalled. It was also just a little bit popular, with the film eventully going on to earn over $2.7 billion at the global box office - a feat which won't be beaten for years to come, no matter how hard Star Wars tries. I loved it, and have been eagerly awaiting a sequel for the last six years...

It looks like I'm going to be waiting still longer as there's word that Avatar 2 has slipped away from its proposed December 2017 release date. This time had been mentioned by writer/director/god James Cameron a few times recently, and production was said to be gearing up. Now, The Wrap reports that the film won't make this deadline, and no new potential date is in sight.

The first of three sequels was originally set to debut in late 2014, later moving to 2015, 2016, 2017 and now off the map entirey. Cameron is locked into a three film arc, with all of the films shooting at the one time based off a single gigantic story which will take us deep beneath the seas of Pandora and to its outlying moons. At this point, they've been actively working on the writing and world development for at least five years, and there's no end in sight.

It's frustrating for film fans, with Cameron only producing two full features in the last two decades - Titanic and Avatar. Now they're also the two highest grossing movies of all time, so there's always a lot of pressure when he steps up to the plate again. Still we'd love to see what he can do with the latest technology on pretty much any project. Come back Jim!

Avatar 2, 3 and 4 will be in cinemas... someday. In the meantime, Disney is developing a theme park based on the property which will likely open sooner.

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