Avengers Age of Ultron makes a cool $201 million - and its not out in the US yet


Avengers Age of Ultron makes a cool $201 million - and its not out in the US yet

Avengers Age of Ultron hit cinemas in Ireland on Thursday the 23rd of April alongside a number of other territories worldwide. And after its first weekend, it has pulled down a massive $201.2 million.

The film opened big in countries like South Korea ($28.2 million), Russia ($16.2 million) and was the biggest superhero debut of all time in the UK at $27.3 million. This early total bodes well for the American release of the film, which kicks off this coming weekend. It's hard to predict right now what the total will run to but offical figures from Disney say that it's already up 44 percent on the earnings of the first Avengers film, which went on to become the third highest grossing movie of all time.

The film has also yet to open in China (where its scheduled for May 12th) which has increasingly become a major market for blockbuster American cinema. While the film doesn't feature any scenes set in the country - unlike 2014's Transformers: Age of Extinction - the limit on the number of foreign films which can be released yearly in China makes local audiences ravenous for Western thrills.

Age of Ultron's opening weekend box office isn't the highest of all time, it's at number 10 behind Transformers Age of Extinction and ahead of Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2, but the lack of US box office means it has plenty of room to grow, making the Marvel cinematic universe ever more lucrative.

Avengers Age of Ultron is in cinemas now. Read our review here.

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