Avengers Age of Ultron will have extended cut on home video


Avengers Age of Ultron will have extended cut on home video

Avengers Age of Ultron is in cinemas now and it's certainly a fun film, with all the spectacle, gags and character moments we've come to expect from both Marvel and writer/director Joss Whedon.

At 141 minutes its already long enough to not tired out audience members but it seems like those who want more material might have something to celebrate soon. An early note went out from Amazon.co.uk letting people know that the DVD and blu-ray version of the film would soon be up for pre-order and that it would include both an alternative ending AND an extended version of the feature film.

We already know that there was material which didn't make it to the final cut of Age of Ultron. Whedon previously mentioned that his first version of the film clocked in at around three hours and while that was likely to just be a work in progress, that's a good chunk of material to throw away. And some of it stayed in quite late too, there are several quick shots in the trailers which don't appear in the final film, most notably the woman doing some bathing in the second trailer who doesn't appear in the final film at all. She's at 0.31 to be specific.

In fact, there are large parts of Thor's storyline in particular which seem curtailed, with only brief snatches that seem to be making connections to the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe. So it's very exciting to think that we might get a longer version of the film to tease out more of those surprises.

Or course, it isn't guaranteed to happen - Marvel has never done an alternative cut of any of its films for home video so it's not clear why they would change things now. It is much more certain that there would be a large amount of deleted content, which we have seen before from the likes of Thor, Captain America and 2012's Avengers.

For now, the film is only just in cinemas so go enjoy it on a big screen first wouldya!

Expect Age of Ultron to hit home video in September 2015.

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