Bad Boys 3 release delayed


Bad Boys 3 release delayed

Did you even know Bad Boys 3 was happening? Well it is, and now it's going to be along a little later than planned.

The new film will bring back both Martin Lawrence and Will Smith - with Smith being pretty coy about joining up for quite a while. Possibly until his box office hit to miss ratio started to plummet in the wrong direction. They're teaming up with a new director in the form of Joe Carnhan, taking over duties from Michael Bay.

Carnahan is a great pick for this film, with flicks like Narc, The Grey and Smokin Aces in his resume. He's had his brushes with blockbuster filmmaking, most notably with The A-Team back in 2010 and was previously attached to the Mission Impossible series before falling out with star Tom Cruise. Carnahan is a rough and tumble filmmaker, and a mix of comedy and all out action should suit him really well.

The film had been tipped for a February 2017 release date but has since been delayed to the summer. That probably makes more sense for a film with a large budget and a histoy of over the top entertainment and will give the studio time to really big up the return of Smith and Lawrence.

The Dark Tower adaptation will now step into that February void left by Bad Boys, and that's shaping up nicely thanks to a cast including Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey.

Bad Boys 3 is set for June 2017.

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