Batfleck's Batmobile spotted on Suicide Squad set


Batfleck's Batmobile spotted on Suicide Squad set

Suicide Squad is currently filming in Toronto and is set to tell the story of a bunch of DC comics villains, including The Joker, who are roped into doing good by the American government.

Generally speaking, these villains have been brought to justice in the first place by the caped crusader Batman himself, so it would make sense if that character also made an appearance. Now, following news that Ben Affleck was in Toronto, we've got an image of the actual new fangled Batmobile cruising the streets. Better yet, we've got video.

Must be tough to parallel park this bad boy #Batmobile #Batman #Toronto #SuicideSquad #DC

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That's definitely the new version of the Batmobile which will be hitting the streets of Gotham in 2016' Batman v Superman and it's looking very menacing indeed. We don't yet know what kind of role Batman will have in Suicide Squad but rumours have suggested the story takes place before Bat v Supes, so it might form some connective tissue to that film. Bear in mind Dawn of Justice releases before Suicide Squad, so it's not likely we're going to have much in the way of spoiler.

It's almost a shame to have so much material leaked all the time from major movies but it is inevitable when you're shooting on open city streets. Wouldn't it have been cool to live in an age where you didn't know Batman was going to turn up until you actually sat down to watch the film?

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice is in cinemas in March 2016, Suicide Squad lands in August 2016.

Batfleck`s Batmobile spotted on Suicide Squad set on
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