Batman could be in Suicide Squad - Ben Affleck snapped on set


Batman could be in Suicide Squad - Ben Affleck snapped on set

There are two DC comics properties due in cinemas in 2016 but as of right now it seems like Suicide Squad is getting more attention.

Which is pretty strange as its a lesser known property (especially in contrast to Batman v Superman) and doesn't come out until August. Much of the attention has been around the various reveals of Jared Leto as the Joker, and the internet backlash which followed. And now there's more news for the film.

Suicide Squad is currently shooting in Toronto with a cast which inlcudes Leto, Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Joel Kinnaman and Viola Davis but its another major actor who is making the headlines - Ben Affleck. He was first spotted jetting into the city before a wily Twitter user managed to get a picture of him actually on the set and looking very much like the older version of Bruce Wayne he plays in Batman v Superman.

It has been rumoured that Suicide Squad actually takes place before Batman v Superman so this could be Wayne popping in to have a chat with a supervillain he helped put away, possibly even the Joker. Will it have any direct connection to Dawn of Justice or will this just be a fun cameo?

In all likelihood we're not going to find out until the film hits cinemas but it's interesting to see what Warner Bros and DC are doing to create their own interconnected superhero (and supervillain) universe.

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice is in cinemas in March 2016 with Suicide Squad following in August. And there are a few more films planned too...

Wonder Woman - June 2017
Justice League Part One - November 2017
The Flash - March 2018
Aquaman - July 2018
Shazam - April 2019
Justice League Part Two - June 2019
Cyborg - Apil 2020
Green Lantern - June 2020

Batman could be in Suicide Squad - Ben Affleck snapped on set on
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