Batman v Superman deleted scene is nuts


Batman v Superman deleted scene is nuts

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice may not be the most popular film with critics right now but it smashed the box office at the weekend and the filmmakers are already looking forward to an extended cut and the future of the DC movie universe.

It sounds like the longer 'ultimate edition' of the film will street in July 2016 and adds almost 30 minutes of extra footage, earning the film an R-rating for some violence and adding back characters and plot points which were cut from the theatrical version of the film. For fans, that all sounds incredibly exciting and the better news is that you can get a glimpse of the trimmed content already.

A deleted scene has been officially released by Warner Bros just days after the film arrived in cinemas and it adds some really interesting extras to the story we've seen so far. There will be spoilers here and below.

The implication here is that Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor has unleashed something significantly worse than Doomsday who appears in the last part of the film. This figure is likely Steppenwolf, closely related to Darkseid who is being teased as a potential big bad for the future of the DC Universe crew. It's looking like that incredibly powerful supervillain will be back in the Justice League movies and the appearance of his general here adds even more evidence.

Those little cubes are said to be mother boxes, powerful items used by the New Gods and in particular Darkseid for all kinds of nefarious purposes. In short - Lex is being used and bad things which are probably going to look like demons in this movie iteration are on the move. Expect to see plenty more of them in the future.

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