Batman v Superman Honest Teaser - everyone has an opinion


Batman v Superman Honest Teaser - everyone has an opinion

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is set for release in early 2016. It's the direct sequel to 2013's Man of Steel and also drawns from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns which has lots of good stuff in it and a bit of a tussle between Bats and Supes.

The film recently released its first teaser trailer almost a year ahead of its release date and naturally its been getting a lot of attention, reminding folks that we're going to be seeing Ben Affleck in the black body armour this time. Doesn't it still kind of feel like Christian Bale owns this role?

Anyway, a popular new video is ideal fodder for parody and that's just what the Screen Junkies folks have done. Behold, the Honest Teaser for Batman v Superman.

Honestly, its far from their best work, especially as there was little to go on in the original video. The title is probably the best part as Batman has pretty much hijacked what would otherwise have been a standalone Superman sequel. DC is most eager to get their Justice League up and running for all the cross promotional value, not to mention extra cash from the sales of loads of different toys. And even if the approach is far less subtle than what Marvel managed to achieve in the run up to The Avengers, it really won't matter if the films are good.

On that, director Zack Snyder certainly knows how to create a stylised comic book adaptation, with the likes of 300 and Watchmen already behind him, as well as the original Man of Steel. A pretty picture is one thing but managing these two popular culture icons is going to be a hell of a job, especially when you consider the big screen outings for these characters in the past. No pressure so.

Here's the actual teaser video, in case you missed it.

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice is in cinemas in March 2016.

Batman v Superman Honest Teaser - everyone has an opinion on
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