BBC Tease 4K HDR 'Planet Earth II' Clip


BBC Tease 4K HDR 'Planet Earth II' Clip

Planet Earth II has been such a joy to watch, amazingly bridging the gap between generations and bringing about appointment to watch documentary like never before.

But it also has been a treat for nerds like us to watch, at the end of each episode showing how their crew shot certain scenes of the show, including the snake-lizard chase that was like a scene from Ben-Hur.

Now BBC are giving the nerds and the pixel-peepers another treat, 4K HDR.

4K is four times the resolution of your standard Hi-def TV, and high dynamic range (HDR) is a beautiful image feature that frees up more precise colour in an image.

The Beeb has released a 4-minute 4K HDR video clip on their BBC iPlayer for your viewing pleasure.

The clip will not be available for everyone though but it was rather an experiment by the corporation for future programming saying that this was an:

“early but important step toward streaming high-quality Ultra HD programs on BBC iPlayer in the future.”

Only certain 4K smart TV will be able to see the clip these being:

Panasonic, CX680 Series, CX700 series, CR730 series, CX800 series, CR852 series, CZ950 Series, DX902 Series (65,58,50), DR852 series (65,55), DX802 series (58,50), DX750 series (65,58,50), Dx720 series (58, 50), DX700 Series (58,50), DX680 Series (55,49,40) and DX650 series (55,49,40)

Who knows what this means for planet earth in the future. Considering the hardware the show was shot on is capable of shooting 4K HDR would it be possible to have a remastered version of the series being released in the future?

We certainly Hope so.

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