Beauty and the Beast live action teaser - do you want to see this?


Beauty and the Beast live action teaser - do you want to see this?

Ok so Disney is releasing a new take on Beauty and the Beast in a live action musical starring Emma Watson as Belle. The first teaser is here.

It's a nice teaser no doubt, showing time passing in the castle as the Beast retreats from the world. There's the familiar trill of the score and that beautiful image of the floating rose.

I hate it. There's simply no reason for this version to exist, complete with the same music, the same visuals and presumably the same story beats. It doesn't seem like there's been any attempt to revise the format, unlike The Jungle Book which mercifully removed most of the songs and rejigged the story in more of an adventure mode.

Then there's the casting. While there's no doubt an advantage to having Emma 'Hermione' Watson in the title role there's nothing remotely Disney about her. In my purely subjective view she doesn't have the look or, frankly, the acting chops to bring much to Belle. And her singing voice remains unproven.

But wait, my rant isn't over! The voice cast includes Ewan McGregor as Lumiere. Now I have no real problem with the Scottish fella but the absolutely perfect person to play a new version of the character just has to be Stanley Tucci, and he's right there in the cast as a new servant called Cadenza!


Obviously I'm making huge assumptions long before the film is anywhere close to being finished, and there are good elements to the cast including Dan Stevens as Beast, Emma Thompson as Mrs Potts and Ian McKellen as our new Cogsworth. I'm still just confused as to why its happening at all.

Beauty and the Beast is in cinemas in March, 2017.

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