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Before I Go to Sleep Review
Before I Go to Sleep (2014)
Rowan Joffe
Nicola Kidman, Colin Firth
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A woman wakes up everyday with no memory of the previous 15 years and tries to piece together the mystery surrounding a terrible accident.

Beofre I Go to Sleep is based on the highly successful novel of the same name by S.J. Watson and comes from writer/director Rowan Joffe - son of Roland Joffe and the helmer of the fairly forgettable adaptation of Brighton Rock from a couple of years back.

And its fine. As thrillers go, Before I Go to Sleep is a little light on anything resembling tension or actual thrills, with a surprisingly leaden pace despite the 90 minute running time. And there's an overwhelming familiarity to practically every moment, whether its recalling Memento or hearkening back to Hitchcock.

The main thing that keeps it engaging is the cast. Kidman does her breathy and altogether vulnerable thing like the pro she is, this time with an English accent, and Colin Firth gets to quiver tha bottom lip and furl that brow in the role of a husband saddled with a terrible sense of responsibility. There's also Mark Strong, also doing his thing very well, and an effecting few scenes with Anne-Marie Duff.

Otherwise, I was really just waiting to figure out which conventional path the film was going to take and while it does head down the one that's slightly more twist-laden nothing ends up being too shocking or surprising. The visuals are fine, and the brief sparks of violence cathartic enough but it never manages to really create anything resembling an original idea.

A thriller for people who find real thrillers too thrilling, perhaps. Just about enough to keep from falling asleep.

6 Stars
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