Benedict Cumberbatch WILL Be Doctor Strange


Benedict Cumberbatch WILL Be Doctor Strange

Rumours are a curious thing. In an age where they can proliferate through the internet in minutes, keeping any kind of secret is next to impossible.

And so it goes with this news - Benedict Cumberbatch has been confirmed to be taking on the role of Doctor Strange in an upcoming Marvel movie set for a 2016 release.

We've been hearing this casting rumour for a couple of months now but it's likely that Cumberbatch wasn't being cagey every time he failed to comment. For one thing, the actor is currently incredibly busy as his career goes stratospheric, with commitments to the likes of series 4 of Sherlock, Black Mass and The Jungle Book: Origins over the next year or so.

And Doctor Strange is a major deal - a lead role which will take up several months of his life, maybe close to a year when you include prep, shooting and the necessary evil of publicity. That's a lot to cram in between now November 2016.

Thankfully, he's finally locked on the picture - which will be part of Marvel's Phase 3 and will revolve around a neurosurgeouscalled Stephen Strange gets deep into the world of magic and mysticism after a horrific car accident. Scott Derrickson is directing and this film will appear between two major Marvel-verse entries - Captain America 3 and Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

No pressure then.

Doctor Strange is set for release in November 2016

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