Big Hero 6 Animation Bloopers Are Pretty Weird


Big Hero 6 Animation Bloopers Are Pretty Weird

Big Hero 6 took about three years to make - from first idea to being in cinemas. That's actually incredibly quick for an animated film, particularly one which required some new and interesting tech to make and you can read more about the development of the film in our interview with producer Roy Conli.

So naturally the animators involved sometimes have to let off a little steam by doing strange things with characters but just as often the computer also decided to render things in a totally strange way. Here, bemused co-directors Chris Williams and Don Hall talk about these two possibilities and how they were sometimes brought in for what they thought were official screenings of new footage, only to be shown what Baymax would look like with the head of a hairy baby.

That's some totally random stuff, though I do like what happens when Wasabi's hair is unleashed. It reminds me of this moment...

The hair, its always waiting...

Big Hero 6 is out on home video in the US now, and its still in cinemas in Ireland. GO SEE IT!

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