Big Hero 6 Director on Creating a Timeless Disney Character in Baymax


Big Hero 6 Director on Creating a Timeless Disney Character in Baymax

Big Hero 6 is in cinemas in Ireland this week and its set to be a big hit with audiences.

And a lot of that is down to Baymax, the very, very huggable robot carer who is at the heart of the story. He's there to help our hero (called Hiro) who has suffered a terrible loss and gets involved in an action packed adventure to make sure his patient gets better.

The character has been at the centre of all the promtion for Big Hero 6 and for good reason, he's the most memorable creation to come out of Disney in many years. So when we got the chance to talk to co-director Don Hall about the film in Dublin recently, we had to ask the question - what is it like to know you've created a character that's going to endure for years and decades to come?

"It’s one of the most gratifying things of this.We fall in love with these characters because they are very real to us. We live with them everyday. So when you release a movie you’re always a little nervous about how the world is going to treat your baby. It’s kinda like sending a kid off to college!"

Baymax must have been a very difficult character to balance, with so many important elements of design, writing and performance coming together in order to make it work. And the filmmakers at Disney knew they had something special with the character, but it's impossible to predict how audiences are going to react. Thankfully, the world has fallen in love with this squishy helper.

"So you’re always concerned that people will be nice to him but the response to Baymax has been overwhelming and I have a feeling that character is going to outlive us all. He’s just got such universal appeal and people seem to be really falling in love with him."

It's a truly impressive feat to bring this kind of relationship to live in a film that's also a comic-book origin story and an action film and we're confident Baymax is going to find plenty of new fans as the film continues to open around the world.

Big Hero 6 is in cinemas across Ireland from the 30th of January 2015.

Read our review here and watch our full interview with Don Hall below.

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