Black Dynamite Kicks Ass in Brazil in Falcon Rising


Black Dynamite Kicks Ass in Brazil in Falcon Rising

What's the deal withMichael Jai White?

He's been in the Hollywood machine since the 90s and even nabbed a leading role in 1997's Spawn. He's big, strong and charasmatic - not to mention being a totally kick ass martial artist. And it still took his own money and years of hard work to get Black Dynamite off the ground in 2009, one of the funniest films of the year and criminally ignored.

But he never seems to stop trying, taking on that Mortal Kombat web series, starring in music videos and making his directorial debut in 2011 with Never Back Down 2. And now, he's got something else on the boil.

Codename: Falcon is set to be a series of movies starring the character of John 'Falcon' Chapman - and White is on board for the potential franchise. The first film is called Falcon Rising and is set for a theatrical release in the States in September 2014.

The story is pretty simple, his sis gets knocked off in Brazil and he heads there to confront the baddies and do some beating. Here's the first trailer for some more context.

The first half is sadly lacking in punches but when that violence does arrive, it looks like it could be kind of fun. The entire affair does look like it was made on a meagre budget - what the heck is going on with the graphics over the trailer? - but if they save some cash for the finale maybe it can redeem itself.

Either way, I hope audiences get out to support White's latest endevaour so we can get a bigger budget for the sequel and spawn a real franchise for this action star.

Falcon Rising is coming to cinemas in the US in September 2014. Look for a VOD release shortly afterwards.

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