Blade Runner 2 title and first image revealed


Blade Runner 2 title and first image revealed

1982's Blade Runner is a seminal slice of sci-fi and one that absolutely doesn't need a sequel. In fact it's been tinkered with so much that it already feels like an entirely different movie to the one which debuted almost 35 years ago.

Regardless a new movie is happening and the official title and first image have just been released.

The Denis Villeneuve helmed flick is going to be called Blade Runner 2049 and here's a snap of the director along with stars Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling and producer Ridley Scott, who also made the original film.

It's a pretty strange first look for the sequel to a film as visually stunning as Blade Runner, with the guys in normal clothes just chatting. Some kind of gun props are on the table and they might be in a set but otherwise you have to wonder what the intention is here.

Maybe they didn't want to distract from the title reveal and if so... mission accomplished. 2049 is a pretty dull addition to the title, but I suppose it does reveal that these events take place 30 years later. This is something Ford is used to, having come back to the Han Solo role after a similar span.

Jared Leto, Robin Wright, Dave Bautista and Mackenzie Davis also feature in the film, which is out in October, 2017.

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