Blade Runner 2049 trailer is the most gorgeous thing ever


Blade Runner 2049 trailer is the most gorgeous thing ever

Back in 1982 Harrison Ford starred in a sci-fi film called Blade Runner which people didn't really like much at launch. Then it became one of the biggest cult films of all time - if you can be both big and cult. Which you can. Because I wrote it right there.

35 years later, and we're getting a sequel. And for once this might not be a scary thing.

Ryan Gosling starts as a Blade Runner on the trail of Rick Deckard - that's Harrison Ford from the first film. And it's pretty likely that they've got beef because the latter is a Replicant. Or not, depending on which version of the original you hew to.

The cast also includes Robin Wright, Dave Bautista, Mackenzie Davis and Jared Leto but it's great to see the first promo focus on these two characters, setting up the dynamic which will bring most of the drama to the film.

The only bad news is that we're going to have to wait a good long while before its in cinemas - with the release date set for October 2017. Director Denis Villeneuve is really milling the films out these days, with a film a year since 2013 - Prisoneres, Enemy, Sicario, Arrival and now Blade Runner 2. Keep it up, or take a break, whatever produces better film.

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