Bob Hoskins Was Earmarked for Wolverine Role


Bob Hoskins Was Earmarked for Wolverine Role
X-Men could well have been oh so different...

In news that will astonish fans of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, it has emerged that the late Bob Hoskins, who sadlypassed away yesterday aged 71, was the first choice forX-Menwriter, Chris Claremont. Although it's almost impossible to imagine Hoskins in the role, given the sheer presence of Jackman and his awesome portrayal of the short-fused superhero, documents unearthed by website The Wrap suggest that the X-Men series may well have turned out to be very different.

Although Jackman has made the role very much his own, and in doing so turned the public's perception of the character into one of a muscle-bound tank, the character is actually much shorter and more feral in the comics, which would suggest that Claremont may have been onto something with his choice of Hoskins.

However, Claremont's vision didn't come to fruition, which is probably a good thing given the decidedly different tack he would have taken with the series - although he claims he would have had Avatar supremo James Cameron producing the movies, with Katheryn Bigelow in the director's chair and even Angela Basset playing Storm (who would go on to be portrayed be Halle Berry).

As silly as it may sound now, that's what we might have been looking at had Claremont had his way. Which begs the question, would we have seen the current explosion in comic book adaptations in theatres if X-Men had rolled out with Hoskins wielding the Adamantium claws? Perhaps Drew Carey could've gotten a gig as Captain America?

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