Bridget Jones's Baby Trailer - Darcy or Jack?


Bridget Jones's Baby Trailer - Darcy or Jack?

Bridget Jones is back, and things are getting even more complicated than usual, as you can see from the first full trailer.

So Bridget is now in her 40s and has a bun in the oven, but there were a few too many cooks around the time said meal first started gestating. So while she's dealing with the whole actually being pregnant thing she also has to decide which of her two very eligible suitors to settle on, without knowing who is the father.

Colin Firth returns as Mark Darcy and there's some new man stuff in the form of Patrick Dempsey's Jack. Renée Zellweger's Bridget will be choosing between the two of them, and the social media campaign would like you to get involved too - though presumably one of them will actually be the father.

Given that Jack and Bridget seem to have just had a one night stand the whole 'who do you love' angle might be a bit obvious but hopefully there's a bit more going on in the final film. The script is co-written by original author Helen Fielding, David Nicholls and supporting player Emma Thompson, who seems to have a great part here.

Bridget Jones's Baby is in cinemas in September, 2016.

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