Bruce Willis looks old and bored in Marauders trailer


Bruce Willis looks old and bored in Marauders trailer

Bruce Willis was already in his mid-30s by the time Die Hard came out - which made him perfect to play the everyman hero who survived a whole mess of trouble a Nakatomi Plaza.

That was only his fourth feature film and his first major appearance apart from TV show Moonlighting, so it's fair to say that we've never really seen Bruce as a young man on screen. Still, he's definitely looking old and acting extremely bored in the trailer for new movie Marauders.

Willis is definitely the biggest name in the piece but it's telling that TV fella Christoper Meloni actually gets top billing. We're going to go ahead and guess that Brucie doesn't have much screen time in this decidedly low budget looking offering, and Guardian of the Galaxy Dave Bautista is probably a minor enough character as well.

Hey at least you've got Adrian Grenier for company. He's always a sign of a quality picture. Surprisingly enough, Marauders is getting a theatrical release in the States in July and might make its way over to these waters in some manner. And maybe it will actually be good.

Probably not.

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