Bruce Willis to Be Miserable... Oh Sorry in Misery on Stage


Bruce Willis to Be Miserable... Oh Sorry in Misery on Stage

Misery is a pretty decent book by Stephen King from 1987 which was made into a properly excellent film in 1990 mostly because Kathy Bates is crazy. And, you know, this....

Directed by Rob Reiner (who helmed Spinal Tap and The Princess Bride) the film went on to earn Bates an Oscar and left everyone fearful of her hammer weilding skills. The story is about a famous novelist who crashes and is rescued by his number one fan. And boy is she nutty. The original author was played by James Caan, now another famous face is getting a chance to be hobbled for life.

Bruce Willis is reported to be taking on the role of the novelist in a new version of the story, set to debut on Broadway in late 2015. The 59 year old started out as a stage actor before making his name on TV and later in films but he's never tread the boards in New York before. His opposite will be played by Elizabeth Marvel, who most recently played Heather Dunbar in House of Cards. The 45 year old is also an acclaimed theatre actress and has appeared in films like True Grit and Lincoln.

The small cast and limited locations (practically all of the story takes place inside the fans house) should be ideally suited to a theatre space and obviously we cant wait to see how they handle the famous scene in the film. The book used an axe and the film graphically broke both ankles. They should really up the ante for the stage version, don't you think?

Misery will play in New York ini late 2015.

Bruce Willis to Be Miserable... Oh Sorry in Misery on Stage on
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