Captain America Civil War gag reel- silly superheroes


Captain America Civil War gag reel- silly superheroes

That Marvel universe is sure churning out movies but somehow they're still managing to be fun, if not some of the better blockbuster flicks around.

A large part of that is the quality of the actors involved and the ability to go from all out action to much more comedic elements without breaking the flow of the piece. That's something which the DC universe could definitely learn from.

It turns out a large part of that down to the feeling on set- these are some very silly superheroes as you can see from this gag reel.

Making huge movies can be a very stressful thing, so it's great to see these folks being able to relax and have a giggle, even during some of the most emotionally fraught scenes in the movie.

And we'll see them all together again soon enough, with Avengers Infinity War set for release in 2018.

Captain America Civil War gag reel- silly superheroes on
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