Check Out How They Made Michael Keaton's Brirdman Look Like One Long Take


Check Out How They Made Michael Keaton's Brirdman Look Like One Long Take

Alejandro González Iñárritu's Birdman is has been receiving rave reviews since it premiered at the Venice Film Festival in August - actually taking the same slot which was filled by Gravity last year.

That connection is interesting because Gravity was a film which unspooledin long takes which stretched the boundaries of technology and made for some incredible tension. But for Birdman, the idea was that the entire film would look like it was one, single 2 hours shot.

It's a method which filmmakers have used before, perhaps most notably someone like Hitchcock in Rope, and it's the kind of conceit which really draws the audience in, even if its just to try to figure out where the joins are. You can get an idea of how they created the seamless look with this video featuring digital colourist Steve Scott.

Continuity of colour and light values is a hugely important part of making individually shot scenes feel like they are part of the same moment - as anyone will tell you if they've shot a scene over a number of days or at different locations. So it was Scott's job to make sure that there were no jarring changes to cue the audience that a cut had happened.

Otherwise, there are a few hints at the technical challenges for the other departments, like using pans as a way to wipe from one scene to another. The joins seem a bit obvious in this video, but its interesting to note that its the exact same method which Hitch used in Rope.

We can't wait to experience this entire one shot movie in cinemas.

Birdman is coming to Irish cinemas on the 2nd of January 2015.

Check Out How They Made Michael Keaton`s Brirdman Look Like One Long Take on
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