Check Out the First Stills from Disney's First Animated Marvel Movie - Big Hero 6!


Check Out the First Stills from Disney's First Animated Marvel Movie - Big Hero 6!
Big Hero 6!

Disney has already had its hand in a number of Marvel productions since the house of mouse bought the house of comics in 2009. But now the two companies are truly uniting as Disney is set to release its first animation based on a Marvel property.

It's a big moment - not least because Disney made its name on animated projects but also because this is likely the first Marvel flick that was brought from inception to release entirely by a new regime.

Big Hero 6 is based on a set of characters that first appeared in 1998 as a Japanese superteam created by a set of poltical and government types. That team included Silver Samurai (most recently on screen in last years Wolverine) and sounds a lot darker than what we're going to get on the big screen.

For the movie adaptation, its all about a young inventor called Hiro (get it?!) who gets caught up in some adventuresome business and joins up with a team of superpowered sorts as well as his robot guardian Baymax.

We're calling it now - after having seen a little bit of early footage - Baymax is going to totally steal this film.

Here are the first official stills from Big Hero 6.

Marvel and Disney are both on a roll these days - let's hope Big Hero 6 continues the trend.

Big Hero 6 is in cinemas from November 2014 in the US and February 2015 in Ireland and the UK.

Check Out the First Stills from Disney`s First Animated Marvel Movie - Big Hero 6! on
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