Check out these Stunning Images from the Crazy Beautiful Jupiter Ascending


We can't wait

Those wily Wachowski's seemed to have lost themselves in CGI excess with the ridiculous Speed Racer back in 2008 before somehow conjuring up one of the most extraordinary sci-fi movies of all time in Cloud Atlas.

That movie may have been unduly ignored but it was a fierce reminder that these filmmakers are all about bringing incredible ideas to life. And doing it with not a little stylistic flair.

Both of these elements are set to be tested once more with Jupiter Ascending, due out in a few short months. It's the tale of a young woman played by Mila Kunis living her life as a cleaning lady in modern day Chicago. That's until she's kidnapped and marked for death before being heroically rescued by a burly Channing Tatum.

Did we mention he's an albino half-wolf genetic splice and that the entire universe it out to get her?

Kunis' Jupiter Jones soon learns that there's a whole lot going on outside the bounds of Earth, with planets owned and toyed with by the members of massively wealthy interstellar families. One boyo played by Eddie Redmayne has his sights set on Earth, and he's discovered that Jupiter's genetic material makes her the sole living heir, set to inherit the entire planet. And he'll stop at nothing to stop her, including destroying all live on our little sphere.

That's quite the set up but as with anything the Wachowski's do, its all just the beginning. They've brought back their familar crew reaching as far back the original Matrix movie including production designer Hugh Bateup and costume lady Kym Barrett - who seems to be having a great time creating these otherworldly looks. Cloud Atlas and The Thin Red Line cinematographer is John Toll is lensing and the music comes from John Carter's MichaelGiacchino.

That's a lot of talent, and they've made a film that looks set to be one of the most stunning of the year. Click through all our images below for a glimpse at the locations, the VFX and an idea of some of the action scenes, including a chase through the streets of modern day Chicago.

Check out these Stunning Images from the Crazy Beautiful Jupiter Ascending on
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