China's Mad Max rip-off is called Mad Shiela!


China's Mad Max rip-off is called Mad Shiela!

Mad Max Fury Road was massively popular and pretty darn great, so naturally it's going to be ripped off for years to come.

One of the best 'homages' we've seen has to be this Chinese film, and it all starts with the title - MAD SHIELA!

Check out the trailer which not only reveals it was made for about three quid but also just how many scenes and images it blatantly copies from George Miller's post apocalyptic opus.

Everything is there, from the cars to the clothes to even elements of the plot. The only thing that's missing is a budget and potentially a story that makes sense - though let's be honest that hasn't always been Miller's strong suit either.

Mostly this just looks like a lot of fun and we can't imagine Warner Bros being interested in starting any legal proceedings. For extra giggles, check out the music video which is sung in a rather disinterested way over images of the film.

This film probably won't be in cinemas in Ireland.

China`s Mad Max rip-off is called Mad Shiela! on
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