Chris Evans scares the life out of ScarJo on Ellen


Chris Evans scares the life out of ScarJo on Ellen

Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans have worked together on five films now. We're sure that this has given them plenty of opportunities to pull pranks on one another. But ScarJo may not forgive Chris for this one for some time.

While mocking her male Avengers co-stars on Ellen, he emerged from backstage to scare the life out of her. We’re particularly impressed that the crowd managed to keep their composure.

They were far less composed when Ellen started the game, “Avenger? I hardly know her.” More accurately, they weren't too composed when Scarlett was asked questions about Chris, which mainly invovled him posing topless in photos. Apparently he's quite good at that.

Far better than he is at answering questions about Scarlett. It seems he doesn't know her all that well. And he didn't even have distraction as an excuse.

Their appearance on Ellen was to promote Avengers: Age of Ultron, which is only just out Stateside. It’s been out here for a while now and if you haven’t seen it, we’d highly recommend it.

Chris Evans scares the life out of ScarJo on Ellen on
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