Chris Pine is Insane in this Zany Gag Reel for Joe Carnahan's Stretch


Chris Pine is Insane in this Zany Gag Reel for Joe Carnahan's Stretch

Joe Carnahan in the masterful director behind Narc and The Grey and his next was planned to be Stretch, starring Patrick Wilson as a limo driver who gets in over his head when he signs up to drive around a lunatic played by Chris Pine wearing an incredible beard.

The film sounded great, looked great and I couldn't wait to see it in cinemas, until Universal decided they just weren't going to release it. The reasons cited included not being confident in making back its rather small budget in a theatrical run or more that they weren't willing to give it the marketing budget it deserved.

Sad times for filmmakers but Carnahan always has a backup plan and the film will be making its way out on Video on Demand in October. That news gives me a special kind of happy, especially when coupled with the newly unveiled gag reel which gives us a look at the character Carnahan cooked up with star Chris Pine.

This. Looks. Insane.

Keep up with the films video footage on YouTube (a lot has been released recently) and follow Joe Carnahan on Twitter. Just because he's awesome.
Stretch also stars Norman Reedus, Ed Helms, Jessica Alba, Brooklyn Decker, Ray Liotta and David Hasselhoff as himself. We're hoping it hits VOD in October. More as we get it.

Chris Pine is Insane in this Zany Gag Reel for Joe Carnahan`s Stretch on
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