Christian Bale hurt his knee and killed a movie


Christian Bale hurt his knee and killed a movie

Sometimes a single actor can bring down an entire production, and that's the case with Christian Bale and The Deep Blue Good-by.

The 41 year old Welsh actor has torn a ligament in his knee, essentially derailing the shooting of the film, which is based on a 1964 novel by John D. MacDonald. It was the first in a 21 book series which introduced the character of Travis McGee and could have serious franchise potential for studio Fox, which is why they want a star like Bale at the head. The plot revolves around McGee as a former soldier turned 'salvage hunter' - essentially a guy who finds treasure and gets in sorts of trouble. So it's definitely a physically demanding role.

The adaptation has been floating around for years with names like Leonardo diCaprio and Oliver Stone previously attached but was finally coming very close to shooting under director James Mangold. Now reports are suggesting that Mangold could move away and shoot the new Wolverine movie with Hugh Jackman first, pushing the shooting of The Deep Blue Good-by until at least 2017. Though in that case there's a serious danger of losing Bale to other projects.

There are also rumours that another big name could be sought, with Brad Pitt's name being whispered, but there's no official word yet. With the May shooting date fast approaching, we're willing to be this film goes unmade for at least another couple of years.

More as we get it.

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