Con Man IndieGoGo Reaches $1.5 Million - Check Out a Teaser Trailer


Con Man IndieGoGo Reaches $1.5 Million - Check Out a Teaser Trailer

In case you haven't heard, Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk (the guys who were in Firefly) are reteaming for a comedy show called Con Man. And you can help them make it. With crowd funding monies. Naturally.

As of right now the campaign is already over $1.5 million of a $425,000 target, and it has 29 days to go. This one is going to go huge before the end, and that just means more episodes of the show and more chance that we'll actually get to see the result, which is not always the case for projects that you back. The basic set up is that its about a character who used to be on a sci-fi show that was cancelled, and the series will be a glimpse at the kind of crap that happens when you're a former TV star who goes to a lot of conventions.

So there's an element of real life to the set up, and a bunch of guest stars has been billed including James Gunn and Felicia Day. The whole series is going to shoot this summer and we're up to 10 episodes already but they've made a teaser which goes like this.

It's pretty funny, and plenty awkward too. Just how we like it.

If you want to get involved you can get funding over here. The hope is to have the first season available to backers by July 2015 and a new tier lets you pay to have your birthday with Nathan and Alan. For the sum of $25,000.

More info here.

Con Man IndieGoGo Reaches $1.5 Million - Check Out a Teaser Trailer on
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