Could This be the Plot For the First Star Wars Spin off in 2016?


Could This be the Plot For the First Star Wars Spin off in 2016?

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens on the horizon and a director already working on Episode VIII (the marvelous Rian Johnson) it's about to get all Star Wars all the time for the next few years.

And that's ok with us - under new masters Disney there's a very real chance of them being incredible, if their handling of Marvel is anything to go by. But in addition to this sequel trilogy, there's also even more to look forward to. A pair of stand alone films have been announced, and we even know that they're going to be directed by Godzilla's Gareth Edwards and Chronicle's Josh Trank.

We don't yet know what they're about, but early rumours suggested they could be origin stories for Han Solo and Boba Fett, though Disney later denied that we would meet any existing characters in these stories.

Now, Slashfilm has another possible plotline to add to the mix. And it sounds very juicy indeed...


According to what they've heard from a source, the basic set-up for the first stand-alone movie is that its about an amazing heist in the Star Wars universe. A group of rogues head out to steal something of vital importance - and it might just be the plans for the Death Star!

So this would literally be the action which kicks off the motion of A New Hope - that the Rebels gain the plans and have to get ready to take on the Death Star before it can obliterate everyone who goes against the Empire. What's more, it seems possible that the Rebels hire a bunch of mercenaries to take on the job.

That would make for a very different feel to the regular Star Wars flicks - characters who are far from virtuous and feel a bit more lived in than the primarily young sorts of the prequel trilogy. Though I kind of feel like Rian Johnson might be better suited to this story than Edwards.

Another possibility (and we're getting into total conjecture here) is that one of the group could be Boba Fett, creating significant crossovers to the rest of the saga.

We'll have to wait and see, but its exciting times for Star Wars fans!

The first Star Wars standalone film will be out in December 2016.

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