Daniel Craig turns down €90 million to return as Bond


Daniel Craig turns down €90 million to return as Bond

Daniel Craig is done with James Bond.

At least thats the word on the street. The actor has been openly critical of the series in the past, with it all coming to a head during the publicity for Spectre.

Now that movie is done the producer will no doubt be looking ahead to the next feature, and it sounds like they'll be doing it with a new leading man. Reports suggest they tried to court Craig to return with a massive €90 million deal over two movies and the star simply said no.

It hasn't been difficult to read between the lines on Craig's involvement in the super spy franchise - he was in it initially for the exposure and then to earn a good amount of cash before ducking out. And it's also clear that he's done playing the publicity game, something which must become tiring in the decade since 2006's Casino Royale.

It's a tough job too. Earlier Bond's mostly got by on charm and the odd bit of jogging but Craig's was easily the most physical Bond yet, with a huge amount of stuntwork and numerous injuries over the last few entries. He was 37 when cast, and 11 years later those injuries are far harder to bounce back from.

In short, it's the right time to go and a good moment for the franchise to take a pause after the excess of Spectre. A new face could do wonders for the brand, with Tom Hiddleston currently leading the pack in the rumour mill. He would be a good choice if they're intending to go young again (he's 37) but maybe an older spy wouldn't be such a bad thing.

Idris Elba anyone?

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