Daredevil will get a third season


Daredevil will get a third season

Netflix and Marvel are out in force at San Diego Comic Con 2016 and they're bringing all the shows.

Along with teasers of Luke Cage, Iron Fist and even The Defenders, they also confirmed that Daredevil will be getting a third season- which is good and not surprising news.

Of course things are getting pretty busy in this small screen Marvel-verse and with all four heroes to date teaming up for The Defenders it might be 2018 before we get to see the blind lawyer take to the streets again.

Does this mean Netflix and Marvel have revealed a little about their ongoing plan? It was never clear what would happen after The Defenders but initially it seemed like the plan was to give each hero their own single season and then show them all working together.

That's no longer the case as we've already visited with Daredevil twice and Jessica Jones has been confirmed for a second go around. Given the fact that The Defenders has now been confirmed for 2017 and we can't imagine more than two series debuting in a single calendar year it seems these stories are going to go for a long time yet.

Could that even mean that more characters could get their own shows, maybe new folks who are introduced in the Defenders mini series? It's all very interesting, and if the quality keeps up it's an exciting time to be a Netflix subscriber.

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