Darren Aronofsky Explains Decision to Give The Wolverine a Miss


Darren Aronofsky Explains Decision to Give The Wolverine a Miss
Director's personal life put paid to chances of directing movie...

Darren Aronofsky has finally lifted the lid on what caused his decision to pass up the opportunity to direct last year's The Wolverine, telling MTV News that it was predominantly down to issues going on in his personal life at the time due to an ongoing divorce and the difficulties he would have faced in leaving New York.

I loved the script and I thought the film came out great. I just had... it was a hard time in my life. It was complicated. I couldn't leave New York for that long an amount of time. And, to be honest, the possibility ofNoahhad started to emerge, and here was something I'd been thinking about for years. I was really excited by that.

When questioned about whether or not he was ever approached to direct another superhero flick, Batman vs. Superman, the director wasn't going to be drawn on speculation, but instead seemed hugely positive about the project, which will be helmed by Zack Snyder.

Ithought Zack was a great choice and I loved hisWatchmenmovie. I thought it was great. I thought that as a fan of the comic, you couldn't hope for a better interpretation. I liked the orthodoxy of it.

Superman's one of the holy grails. It's Superman. It's the best superhero. Batman is great, of course, but it's Superman. He's the same level. That possibility was great.

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