Darth Vader WILL appear in Star Wars Rogue One


Darth Vader WILL appear in Star Wars Rogue One

We're pretty excited for Star Wars Rogue One for a single big reason - it does't have to be a regular Star Wars film.

Now the title does give away the fact that it definitely belongs to the same universe (or galaxy) but it's also a film that takes place before the usual established timeline with a new setting and characters and without any George Lucas meddling. The Force Awakens was a lot of fun but it was mostly a reintroduction, this is a whole new ballgame.

It turns out it won't be all new faces though, as a long whispered rumour has finally been confirmed. Darth Vader will appear in Rogue One.

That's pretty huge news and also makes a certain amount of sense as the story revolves around a mission to steal the plans to the original Death Star. Vader is probably the kind of person who will be a little bit annoyed if those plans go missing.

Entertainment Weekly has the scoop, right on their cover.

We're hearing that Vader won't have much of a presence and it's not totally clear if it will involve much screen time. That said, in A New Hope the character is only around for a mere 12 minutes, but he looms over the entire picture.

Last we heard, James Earl Jones would be bringing his iconic voice back once again for Rogue One - at 85 he still has the pipes. And despite the acting saying he'd be happy to return, Hayden Christensen probably won't be inside the suit. Actually the internet suggests that stuntie Spencer Wilding will be doing the iconic caped stride.

Star Wars Rogue One is in cinemas on the 16th of December, 2016.

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