Daryl Hannah promises new Wachowski show Sense8 makes sense


Daryl Hannah promises new Wachowski show Sense8 makes sense

Sense8 is a new Netflix show from the people behind The Matrix, Babylon 5 and Cloud Atlas with a mind bending premise and a massive cast fleeing from a global conspiracy. We've seen the first three episodes and its all a bit bewildering but one of its biggest stars is promising that it makes sense.

Blade Runner and Splash star Daryl Hannah revealed that the entire cast got together to watch the show for the first time just a week ago and they were blown away but we had to ask about whether the show was going to baffle people when they watched it first.

"Yea it makes sense," said the 54 year old. "But it’s not like some of those series that are just constant mysteries and they never add up. This definitely makes sense but I think people are going to be so blown away."

That second point is particularly great to hear, especially for viewers who have been burned in the past by insane stories like Lost, which shares a cast member with Sense8 in the form of Naveen Andrews. It sounds like there's a definite throughline for this first season, and we're hoping that also means an ending which doesn't entirely rely on a cliffhanger.

Hannah also talked about how viewers are going to react to the show: "People are going to have their minds completely blown! There are not only specific things that you’ve never seen on film before but there are just so many different permutations it goes through. It’s unbelievable! It’s so great. All of us were just so proud and there were many moments when we were all just staring at the screen screaming at it!"

It's certainly an ambitious series in every way imaginable and the best news is that you don't even have to wait to experience it - all 12 episodes are available on Netflix right now!

Read our series review here.

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