Deadpool 2 might be in trouble


Deadpool 2 might be in trouble

Deadpool was a massive hit and a serious amount of fun when it debuted in February 2016 and everyone involved seemed to be rushing ahead with the sequel as quickly as possible.

Star Ryan Reynods was definitely back on board (with a significant pay increase, which makes sense really) and production was ramping up to release as soon as 2018. But today's news is a bit of a bummer as it seems director Tim Miller has left the project.

Deadline has the news and reports that the split came about after 'a series of creative differences' between the director and Reynolds. If this is true it's a real shame - while Reynolds was certainly a big part of the appeal of the first film it was Miller's syle and SFX experience which helped to bring it to life. And it was a pretty immense achivement for a first time feature filmmaker.

Technically Miller nevery quite agreed to come back for the second film and the rumours suggest that this split was amicable enough. We never really hear what happens behind the scenes but maybe he didn't want to get trapped in a franchise or the larger scale of a second film didn't appeal.

Now we just have to hope that things can stay on track to keep the sequel as off the wall as the first in the series. We even heard a possibility of Quentin Tarantino coming in to direct which seems like a terrible idea. He makes QT movies, not Deadpool ones.

More as we get it.

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