Deadpool 2 picks up John Wick director


Deadpool 2 picks up John Wick director

Deadpool 2 was a heck of a good time, and also made Fox a shedload of money - more than any other X-Men (ish) movie ever.

That means a sequel was all but inevitable, and everyone on board thought so too. Ryan Reynolds was back in the mask and things were proceeding for a 2018 release. That was until director Tim Miller announced he was leaving over those dreaded creative differences.

We'll never know exactly what happened but the rumour was he wanted to make a much more ambitious (and much more expensive) sequel, and Reynolds and the writers wanted to stick with the format that worked so well for the first film.

Whatever, that's already happened - and now we have word of who is going to take the helm.

And it's David Leitch! You may not recognise the name but he was one of the directing duo behind John Wick, which came out of nowhere to be one of the must fun action films in recent memory. THR confirms he has the directing gig.

On paper, he's a fine choice with a history of working as a stuntman and second unit director over the last 20 years. In practise it remains to be seen - there's no way of knowing how much of Deadpool's unique tone came from Miller or the writing team of Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick or star Ryan Reynolds.

Likely it was a combination of those different factors, but Miller also had a lot of experience with visual effects which undoubtedly helped to keep the budget of the first film down.

It's good to hear Deadpool 2 is moving forward, let's hope it delivers the goods in 2018.

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