Deadpool creator offers FOX suggestion


Deadpool creator offers FOX suggestion
'Find your Balls'
Rob Liefield is a comic book artist, an ideas man for Marvel and is responsible for creating one of the most compelling, most offensive and most widely appreciated characters in the Comic Book Giant's cannon: Deadpool. The layman may remember Deadpool from the debacle which was X Men Origins: Wolverine. He's primarily recognizable because he was portrayed by the ever charismatic Ryan Reynolds, and was also the only impressive aspect of the entire film. Ever since (Spoilers!) Wade Wilson's apparent demise at the end of the aforementioned film, the notion of making a stand alone Deadpool film has been floating around, teasing comic book fans with the prospect of an irreverent, R-rated adaptation to rival the standard set by Watchmen. However, Liefeld is concerned that production studio 20th Century Fox is taking its sweet time in getting around to this Deadpool project. He is also concerned that if it does get the green light, that it could suffer from becoming watered down, family friendly drivel, alike so many ruined comic book films in the past. Writing on Twitter, Liefield suggested, 'Dear FOX studios, get your act together. Deadpool is not Green Lantern, not a family film. DP is 'filthy' think Expendables $$ w/ RR. Also FOX, find your balls and film the script from ['Zombieland' writers] Rheese and Wernick. You will make loads of money and thank yourself later. It boils down to this, Ryan Reynolds, Mr. Sexiest Man alive paired with best comic script ever written, no-brainer.... make Deadpool happen!' Reese and Wernick have reportedly finished two distinct drafts for the script, and a relative unknown Swedish commercial director by the name of Adam Berg is rumoured to be taking the reins. The fact is that the once promising Comic Book Adaptation genre is dying on its feet (critically). Deadpool could well be the shot in the arm that's needed. However it needs the reportedly very interested Reynolds in the lead role (fitting considering he has already preformed it) and it needs a mature rating. Watchmen has already proved adult adaptations can prove critically and commercially successful. Something needs to follow this example.

Deadpool creator offers FOX suggestion on
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