Deadpool is getting a sequel


Deadpool is getting a sequel

Deadpool is in cinemas in Ireland right now people, and you can read our 4 star spoiler free review right here.

The short version is that it's a deleriously entertaining dervish of a film, and one that's going to pick up plenty of fans on its theatrical release and even more on home video where there will be more cursing and off the wall jokes. Early projections are suggesting it could also have a major opening weekend at the box office, with an estimate of $65 million in the States alone on the back of an energetic and inventive marketing campaign.

That's good news for fans of fun but we're also hearing that's it has been enough to officially green light a sequel. Word from insiders, via The Hollywood Reporter, is that the film is a go, with screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick already back typing. Director Tim Miller and star Ryan Reynolds aren't officially back on board yet but with their passion for the project it's pretty much a sure thing that they'll be back.

Now just because that green light is on doesn't guarantee it's going to get made. It shows positive intent from the studio but at the end of the day all the matters is dollars. We don't know the actual budget for Deadpool but its certainly less than $100 million, plus the considerable marketing spend. Realistically, the film would want to pull back close to $200 million worldwide to be a going concern, and a solid opening weekend would be the first step on that journey.

If it does come to pass, we wouldn't be surprised to see a sequel rushed into cinemas to take advantage of Fox having the lead on R-rated comic book movies.

Deadpool is out now - go see it!

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