Deadpool smashes box office records with $260 million!


Deadpool  smashes box office records with $260 million!

With a small production budget of around $58 million and a massive, clever marketing campaign, Deadpool had the potential to do decent numbers during its entire global run. Well it's managed that alright, smashing existing box office records on its way to scoring $260 million worldwide in its opening weekend.

That's way above any expectation for the subversive superhero flick, which is a long delayed passion project by star Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller. It's also the biggest ever opening for an R-rated film, smashing the record previously held by The Matrix Reloaded and the largest opening for an R-rated comic book adaptation, which used to belong to 300.

And it's just the start of what is surely set to be a hugely profitable film for Fox, a studio who took a real gamble on a fairly unknown property as well as a first time director and a star who hasn't had much luck with blockbuster fare. In fact, Miller's feat means that he's scored the highest opening ever for a first time director - which is quite an achivement.

So what's next? Well the film has even more territories to open and the marketing onslaught continues unabated. Reynolds and co have been putting in serious effort to hit every possible target audience and the results speak for themselves. Some critics have been less enthused by the film but user reviews by the people who are actually going out and paying to see it have been almost universally positive.

This massive opening ensures the sequel will be fast tracked into production, with a strong hint that fan favourite Cable will be showing up to make things difficult for Mr Pool next time around. It might also mean that other studios start pushing out more R-rated comic book fare, which might be a good and bad thing.

Deadpool is in cinemas now.

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