DiCaprio working with The Revenant writer again


DiCaprio working with The Revenant writer again

The Revenant has been gaining a lot of momentum as the Oscars approach, with Leonardo DiCaprio looking like he might finally nab one of those little golden men.

That's great news for the hard working actor and the film itself hasn't been short of awards in the last few months, including nods for directing and more. One are which hasn't gained too much attention is the script, which was adapted from a mixture of source novel and real life by the director and writer Mark L Smith. It's the first major film for the scribe, who previously penned Joe Dante's The Hole and Vacancy but it won't be the last we hear of him as he has some major projects on the boil.

Deadline has found out that Smith is set to work with DiCaprio again on a new film called Conquest. There's no other information about the picture, not even a basic plot summary, but the title is arresting and the word is that Paramount won the bidding against stiff competition from other studios. The addition of this project will mean that Smith has eight films in active development, including work with Tom Hardy, a film called Collider with Edgar Wright and a remake of A Bittersweet Life.

Let's just say it's only a matter of time before we see Smith's name on the ballot for the Oscars.

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