Die Hard Honest Trailer is perfect


Die Hard Honest Trailer is perfect

I watch a lot of movies - you might almost say it is my job - and so it comes to pass that a lot of people ask me what my favourite film is. The very specific answer is that it's a wide and sweeping question and quite difficult to really give a single glip response to. But the truth is that most often I just say Die Hard. Because it's pretty much cinematically perfect.

John McTiernan's 1988 film is a classic for a number of reasons, coming as it did at the tail end of perhaps the greatest decade ever for action cinema and early in the career of a director who showed much promise. It harnessed the star power of Bruce Willis at the perfect stage in his career, and brought in the talents of behind the scenes folks like Jan de Bont, only recently making the transition from making films in Holland with Paul Verhoeven. And there was the small matter of a English stage actor called Alan Rickman, who was making his feature film and American movie debut. What an entrance.

Mostly, it's just awesome. And the honest trailer folks seem to agree.


I'm gonna watch Die Hard now.

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