Disney's Roy Conli on Creating a Classic Character With Baymax


Disney's Roy Conli on Creating a Classic Character With Baymax

Big Hero 6 is an entertaining animated flick with some fun action and bright visuals but it's going to chiefly be remembered as the movie where Baymax was born.

Regardless of whether the film itself gets a sequel (which seems pretty likely) there's no doubt that this creation will go down as another enduring character created by Disney. He's not only incredibly cute, adorable, clumsy and huggable, but the relationship between him and leading player Hiro is one that's genuinely deep and heart felt.

Not every Disney film produces something this memorable, so it's a special kind of alchemy between design, animation, technology and performance which makes this kind of creation possible. So when we got the chance to talk to veteran producer Roy Conli about the film, we had to ask about Baymax.

We asked Conli about how he felt to have been part of creating a character who would stand as one of the great animated performers of all time. Here's his response:

"Thank you. I’m terribly honoured. I know these films last much longer than we do. My favourite Disney film is Pinocchio – which was made long before I was born [released in 1940]!"And I know that this will probably last long after I’m gone. And there’s a responsibility…

It's true that the best of these movies really do linger in the memories, and Baymax was already a big hit with audiences when the film released in the States in 2014. That made Baymax a huge toy for Christmas, as we discussed with director Don Hall in the below interview.

Everyone's falling in love with Baymax and you can too as the film is in Irish cinemas now!

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