Disney's Zootropolis breaks Frozen's box office record


Disney's Zootropolis breaks Frozen's box office record

Disney's Zootropolis has just opened in the US and the film has managed the coup of knocking Frozen off the top perch with a massive $73 million opening. Frozen hauled in $67.4 back in 2013 so this is great news as the film opens on home soil.

Zootropolis is also getting some incredible reviews around the world, and is picking up records on its release in several European countries. Frozen went on to become the biggest animated film of all time with a gross of over $1.2 million so we'll have to wait and see if Zootropolis has the same kind of legs - though it already has over $200 million worldwide thanks to early releases in Europe.

It's set in a world inhabited totally by animals who talk and wear clothes and things of that nature and reports are that it's just about the funniest thing the House of Mouse has ever released. Here's a trailer.

See it in Irish cinemas on the 18th of March.

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