District 9 Director's Chappie Gets a Trailer


District 9 Director's Chappie Gets a Trailer

Ahead of the release of Elysium, we got the chance to talk to star Sharlto Copley about his next project with director Neill Blomkampand he compared it to District 9: "It's funnier maybe than District 9 but it’s still in the same kind of wheelhouse of with a sort ofsci-fielement."

That didn't really give us a whole lot to go on but the first trailer finally reveals a bit about the nature of the film.

It looks like Blomkamp is delving into real sci-fi territory here, using a piece of futuristic technology to tease out notions of humanity, nature/nurture and more. The character of Chappie is birthed by researcherDev Patel as the first true AI bot and takes his lessons from the world around him, while folks like Hugh Jackman want him to be destroyed.

The other good news is that the lead character is played in motion capture by Copley himself, who is nothing if not a committed physical performer. And yes, that's Die Antwoord guys Yolanda and Ninja as part of the main cast, getting more screen time than I was expecting.

These kinds of stories have been told before but we already known Blomkamp can work wonders with the tech side and Copley brought great humanity to his role in District 9. If both of those can work together this time, Chappie could be something truly special.

Chappieis set for release in March 2015.

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