Divergent star didn't know final flick was canned


Divergent star didn't know final flick was canned

Yesterday we reported the surprising news that the Divergent series movie finale had been cancelled. Instead, it appears that Ascendent will be made as a TV movie instead, as a set up for an ongoing spin off small screen series.

The move seems to have been made by Lionsgate in the wake of the disappointing box office performance of the third movie Allegiant and will come as quite a shock to fans around the world. And, it would appear, to the cast.

Leading lady Tris Prior is played by actress Shailene Woodley who is currently doing the press rounds for the Edward Snowden movie, and it seems she was genuinely clueless about the change in Divergent.

Speaking to Deadline, she had this to say:

"Honestly, I was on a plane when all that happened and I landed, and I’m like 'Whoa, what’s going on?!' I need to talk and find out what the details are.”

It's pretty nuts when the main star hasn't heard news this significant, especially when the film was supposed to be going into production around now. Has she been reading a completed script, was pre production already done? Previously everything seemed to be on course for a June 2017 release date but that at least will be impossible now.

More as we get it.

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