Divorce trailer: Sarah Jessica Parker's new HBO show by Ireland's own Sharon Horgan


Divorce trailer: Sarah Jessica Parker's new HBO show by Ireland's own Sharon Horgan

Sarah Jessica Parker is coming back to TV and HBO for the first time since the end of Sex and the City in a new show, and it was written by our own Sharon Horgan!

Horgan put the show together for HBO over the last few years and it's finally ready to debut in Autumn 2016. Check out the first quick trailer below.

The set-up is pretty self explanatory - Parker plays a woman who wants to make a fresh start with her life and kicks things off by looking for a divorce from husband Thomas Haden Church. Apparently you have to have three names to be in this marriage.

It might not seem too original from this brief look but the dialogue is spunky and there's a great cast - also including Molly Shannon - plus you know that on HBO they're going to be able to tackle every possible topic without fear of censorship.

HBO has a pretty packed slate these days but it's good to see them giving time and space to smaller efforts with more comedic elements. They've got a wide audience to keep happy, and Game of Thrones is only on screens for 10 weeks of the year.

Divorce lands in autumn 2016 for 10, 30 minute episodes.

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