Doctor Strange new trailer- the strangest Marvel movie yet


Doctor Strange new trailer- the strangest Marvel movie yet

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has introduced its fair share of odd and wonderful characters over the years, but the strangest is yet to come...

Doctor Strange is different in that his powers are come from a unique place. While Thor's come from him being a god the majority of the Marvel crew have some kind of technical explanation for their abilities (like Hulk or Captain America) or with the aid of actual tech (Iron Man, Ant Man), Doctor Strange is actually pretty much magic.

Sure you can dress is up in metaphysics and startling special effects, and even put a fun Inception style spin on things, but the dude is a wizard, and we're ok with that. See what he's capable of in the new trailer.

Yes the use of the powers and the folding of space, not to mention the soundtrack for this trailer, definitely draws from Inception but there's heady stuff under the surface here. Really it's about our perception of the universe and how that can be changed and altered, and in the process how impossible things can become possible.

There's another reference point in the film written and directed by Scott Derickson and that's most certainly The Matrix as Benedict Cumberbatch trains with a mysterious leader- Tilda Swinton here as his Morpehus. And the idea of Inception mixed with The Matrix and this cast on this kind of scale is hugely exciting.

Doctor Strange is out in November 2016.

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